11 Best Candle Subscription Boxes 2022 - Monthly Candle Boxes

2022-03-12 03:18:32 By : Mr. Taylor Lee

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It's about to be lit.

These days, it feels like there's a subscription box for just about everything—all of which promise to save you time (and maybe even cash) by being delivered to your door. Want to try new wines, but not sure where to start? Here's 16 subscription boxes for that. Struggling to find the time to read more, much less shop for new books? We've got 25 subscription boxes to help you. Looking to switch up your skincare routine without having to buy full-size products? Start with one of these 25 subscriptions boxes. Determined to make self-care a priority? Yes, there's even 11 subscription boxes for that, too.

So it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of subscription boxes for candle lovers—whether you're looking for soy pillars that really last, splurge-worthy luxury candles, scents that match your personality, fragrances that bring your favorite fall desserts and drinks to life (looking at you, PSL!), vibrant votives that will fill your home with notes of balsam, pine, and other Christmas scents, or the best-smelling candles of all time. Not to mention that there's even one for the most loyal Yankee Candle fans. Best of all, though? Some candle subscriptions start at less than $20 per month (hello, Vellabox!), which is a big plus given that candles can be so expensive.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best candle subscription boxes (including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options from beloved brands like Nest and Wickbox) that are perfect for gifting...or keeping!

Your fire is roaring, your well-defined couch dent is calling, and you just finished brewing the perfect cup of chamomile tea. Cap off the coziness with Introverts Retreat, a subscription service for—you guessed it—introverts (and anyone else who believes me-time is a must). For $47 per month, you'll get a box with a novel written by a woman, a bottle of hand-blended bath salts, a mix of salty and sweet snacks, an additional bath or body product (think: sugar scrubs and face masks), and a 9 oz. soy candle with a silly name like "Love Me Enough to Leave Me Alone" or "I'd Rather Be Alone With a Book." (There is also a pared-down version of the monthly box for $33.)

Yes, this monthly candle subscription will send you a medium or large luxury candle (and often in a container so pretty, you'll want to turn it into a vase) every few weeks. But the real reason it's got us fired up? Once you sign up, the company asks you to complete a quiz about your scent preference, so they can handpick unique scents you're likely to enjoy. Prices start at $30 per month for medium candles (think: 30 to 60 hour burn time) and $40 per month for large candles (think: 60 to 100 hour burn time) .

Sometimes the biggest pick-me-ups come in the smallest packages. Case in point: Vellabox, a subscription service that delivers high-quality, artisan-crafted candles to your doorstep each month—along with a surprise gift, like a bath soak or a chocolate bar. Boxes start at $13 per month (for a 4 oz. candle with 25 hours of burn time) and can be upgraded to include a larger 8 oz. candle or one of each.

When's the last time you came home to the fresh, verdant scent of balsam, cedar wood, and juniper berry? If the answer is anything longer than yesterday, you might want to sign up for Yankee Candle's Subscription Box. After completing a quick quiz to get a read on your personality and preferences (think: What color family is your favorite? Where's you favorite place to go?), you'll be matched with your ideal fragrance family (like Leaf & Linen or Orchard & Grove). From there, experts will use that information to curate a seasonal fragrance flight ($25 per box), featuring three small tumbler candles that've been hand-picked just for you.

Prepare to meet your new flame (well, flames): Sign up for Brooklyn Candle Studio's monthly subscription service and every few weeks, the New York-based brand will send you a box of long matches and a new soy candle featuring a seasonal scent—fresh flowers in the spring, citrus fruits in the summer, apple cider in the fall, and burning wood in the winter. The standard subscription costs $25 per month, or you can upgrade to the deluxe version ($35 per month), which also includes a travel-size candle in a gold tin.

Even if you can't visit a forest packed with pine trees or a lush meadow filled with wildflowers, you can still bring the intoxicating scents of the great outdoors inside with this candle subscription box. Each month, you'll receive a hand-poured candle with a nature-inspired fragrance and a burn time of 40 to 50 hours. Even better: 5% of the proceeds from your purchase (it starts at $29.95 per month) will be donated to The Trust for Public Land.

We could wax poetic about the endless allure of Nest candles: They come in glass vessels that look undeniably chic, they’re made with a proprietary premium wax that ensures they burn cleanly and evenly, and they instantly fill any room with a rich, intoxicating scent that lingers long after they've finished burning. So, we were thrilled when we learned the luxury brand offers a monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscription box (all are $40 per month) that comes with a classic and votive candle, both in an expertly chosen fragrance.

Satisfy your burning desires with a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly Scent subscription ($65 per box). After you sign up, the company will ask you to fill out a Scent Profile—in which you detail everything from your favorite notes to the fragrances you never want to smell again to the atmosphere you'd like to create to the room where you plan to put the candle—so employees can select thoughtfully-made, good-looking candles from contemporary brands (like Joya, Maison Balzac, and Calming Park) that you'll actually like.

Embrace the scents of adventure with a Keap subscription. Every month (or every other month), the New York brand, founded by two ex-Googlers, will ship you one of its sustainable, coconut-based candles—the next best thing to being outdoors, thanks to scents that'll transport you to a snow covered, fir-filled ski slope, a lavender field in full bloom, a cabin in the middle of the woods, an orchard of fig trees, and more. In addition to the candle, which comes in a minimal, glass tumbler that's meant to be reused, you'll also receive a limited-edition artwork and a sample of the following month's scent—all for just $39.50 per month.

If, like us, you light a candle the second you walk in the door, you're probably aware that your cozy habit can really start to add up. Enter Wicksly, a subscription service that delivers soy-based, American-made luxury candles with scents specific to the season (think: crisp, clean fragrances in the spring, bright florals in the summer) for just $20 per month, so you can keep your home smelling fresh—and full of new scents.

A subscription to The Burlap Bag's Candle Club will really light up a loved one's life. Each month, the husband-wife team behind the Austin-based company will send your special someone a limited-edition, eco-friendly soy candle—complete with a name that's often silly and always unique, like Spoonful of Cereal, Corny Dad Jokes, Couch Clothes, Pretend Vacay, Holy Smokes, and fan-favorite Unicorn Puke. Bonus: Each box ($18 per month) comes with a pack of unicorn matches.