The Best Dupe On The Market For Lex Pott Candles

2022-09-23 20:25:25 By : Mr. Qi Yu

Lex Pott is a Dutch artist known for his unique take on candles. One of his most popular items is the Twist candle, one piece of wax shaped to form both the base and the candle itself, which burns at both ends, according to its listing on Mociun where it sells for $45. The candle weighs in at 270 grams (just over 9 ounces) and has a burn time of approximately 10 hours per end (via Lex Pott). This is significantly less than your average 8 ounce candle that can burn for as long as 55 hours, says Malibu Apothecary.

The Twist candle is unique; it's not something you'd typically find in most homes. This is, in part, due to its hefty price tag, which often deters homeowners from purchasing a Lex Pott creation. Luxury candles aren't a new concept, but the average person may have trouble justifying buying a pricier candle when there are often very similar styles at a more affordable price. Unless you're willing to drop $45 for a candle, we suggest checking out the best dupe on the market for the Lex Pott Twist candle.

With an original price of $14 (though you may catch it on sale for just $10), the sculptural candle is a homemade dupe for the Lex Pott Twist candle. No two candles are the same, so you're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind piece, according to its listing on the maker's Etsy shop, kumdoa. There are plenty of other twisted and bendy candles on the market, but none resemble the Twist candle the way this one does. It's unscented, just like the Lex Pott original, and is made for decoration, not functionality. In fact, the seller does not recommend burning this candle, despite its double-wick design.

One of the best things about kumdoa's candle is that there are multiple colors and styles available. Choose from 16 creative colors, with the option of mixing and matching to create your dream décor piece. The seller offers three styles to choose from as well. The only major difference between the two candles is their size. The kumdoa candle is about half the size of the Twist, with a height of just over 5 inches and a width of less than 1 inch.